2017 April Minutes

Grayson County Democratic Party
April 20, 2017

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Open Meeting: Glenn Melancon

Minutes: Were approved as read

Present: Pam Moore, Debby West, Glenn Melancon, Bob & Susan Slagle, Mark Ewig, Pam McGraw, Ron & Jeanne Briggs, Dan Pucil, Lindy Olsen, Marion Morgan, Andrew Lefebvre, Barb Rush, Theresa Hutchinson, Kelsey Stephens, Jane Ann Epperly, Peggy Thedford, John Bowers, Larry Hutson, Stephani Dooley, Jan Fletcher, Pam Bowers, Kathy McGreevy, Mary Murphy, Debi Owens, Curt Beckemeyer, and Terry Templeton.

Treasurers report: Ron Briggs. We must report donations over $50.00a. Don’t need to report until we have collected $25,000 in a calendar year. We are a party committee. Ron and Glenn are both on checking account.

Old Business

Andra’s campaign:

Andrew Lefebvre and Barbara Speer are phone champions for campaign.

Pam McGraw – you must have VAN access and a computer to make calls.
Glenn – marketing principle – need 7 contacts to make a sale.
Barb – Andra not at meeting because she is at League of Women Voters forum.

Action Committee:
Mark Ewig is unable to continue chairing. Jan Fletcher will chair.
Meeting May 13 at Grandy’s from 3 – 5pm to make summer plans.

Recruitment Committee:
Pam McGraw – Sheldon Daniels planning to run against John Ratcliffe.

Lindy Olsen & Dan Pucil. Participated in Resist Trump on Apr 4 and March for Science April 23rd. Have a Facebook page. Lindy calls elected officials daily.

Outreach Committee:
Jeanne Briggs for Jeremy Posada, still experimenting with non-political approach. Have had excellent speakers. Will alternate speakers with open discussions.

Earth Day Festival:
Ron Briggs – cold, miserable day. Hardy volunteers manned the booth.

Sherman ISD Bond:
Voted not to endorse.