2017 June Minutes

Grayson County Democratic Party
June 22, 2017
Monthly Meeting Minutes

Attendees – Rajendra Wagle, Curt Beckemeyer, Fred Meyer, Susan Meyer, Renee Anderson, Peggy Thedford, Laura Bass, Kelsi Stephens, Jane Ann Epperly, Merry Maddleson, Jan Fletcher, Andre Lefebvre, Pam Moore, Mary Murphy, Russell Jobe, Dan Pucul, Richard Garen, Terry Templeton, Genna Bethel, Lander Bethel, Barb Rush, Glenn Melancon

Meet the 4th Thursday of the Month at Grandy’s on Texoma Parkway in Sherman. Meet and Greet 5:30pm, meeting 6pm

Official Web Page: http://GraysonDemocrats.org

Facebook Pages & Groups
Grayson County Dems, official page:  https://www.facebook.com/gctxdems
Democratic Women of Grayson County:  https://www.facebook.com/Democratic-Women-of-Grayson-County-439917796189132/
Grayson Fannin Delta Democrats:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/220372521378622/
Indivisible Sherman:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1855024798047852/
Women Unite Texoma:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/612206992305837/

Share Facebook posts and events, the more shares the more eyes we have on our actions and activities

Open Meeting – Glen Melancon

June minutes approved

Cards and pens on table for suggestions and concerns. Donation envelopes on table add name, address, occupation on it.

John Ratcliff responded to pressure, Lander and Lindy met with him. He asked to meet with chair. Lander, Lindy, Dan, Glenn met with him. He believed that the house health care bill with add people to health care. He did not believe in CBO report. Would not consider public option, etc. No government assistance in health care.

Beto O’Rouke campaign called this week and would like to come to Grayson County in August. Work through the Grayson County Democrats to help arrange and organize meeting. Glenn provided subjects that the area would be interested.

Action committee has added sub committees, still need leaders on a few of them
Data coordinator – Andra Petron
Communication coordinator – Terri Rodeffer
Cultural outreach – Terry Templeton
Canvas Coordinator –
Phone bank coordinator – Barb Rush
Fundraising – Pam McGraw
Marches and Demonstrators – Lindy Olsen is so good so we are going to ask her to continue on

John Radcliffe Town Hall Thursday July 6th – A lot of effort and work went into this event, by Lindy, Jan, and the rest of the action committee

Jan Fletcher was recognized for all of the outstanding and hard work she has done over the first half of the year. The Grayson County Democrats have protested, held an event with the Texas Democratic Party, had the first of many socials in June, held a Town Hall meeting, and is in the middle of a phone banking project. Jan has been key to each of these activities. She leads the Action Committee with great passion and energy.

Common Concerns meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at Grandy’s. A political outreach organization meant to talk about issues and ideas without name calling or judgement. How to get publicity for this group (Facebook advertising?) This is to open doors, non-partisan posadas@gmail.com

Pam McGraw is working to recruit people to run for office, nothing formal yet some expressed interest.

Looking for fun and interesting places to hold events in Denison

New Project
Voter outreach project

Identify people in Grayson County who will vote democratic. 1000 – 1500 voted in the primary. 10000 votes to Hillary

Tag as Hillary voter, then any Democratic candidate in the state of Texas will see them as their voter and will able to canvass them.

Tag as Trump voter Democratic candidates will not use time or money contacting these voters

Tag as disconnected phone number, number removed from canvasing call lists

This is an extremely valuable activity, a cleaned up voter roll will pay dividends during the midterm elections, we’ll know who to contact to get out the vote

Call nights on Monday at Pam McGraw’s office, we’ll have lists for you to call.

The more volunteers we get the faster this will go. So far, we’ve called about 10% of the Grayson County Primary voters. If you can give an hour or more a week, please participate in this very important activity.

We’re Growing

Kurt help setup booth in Howe, four new members signed up.

Juneteenth booth at municipal building had numerous signups, 31 sign ups

Grayson Democratic social at 903 had 14 sign ups

Welcome Dan Dusak, Renee Anderson, and Rajendra Wagle and his son.

Georgia 6th Race – Close race, total spent 90million dollars. The reason Trump pulled someone out of the district to be in his cabinet, he knew he would get a rubber stamp of a candidate and he did. Dem’s moved the needle, persuasion is hard, mobilization is hard, and take time. We put in time and money it doesn’t happen overnight. In Grayson County, we are moving the needle. Your voice, your call, your mobilization matters.