2017 March minutes

Grayson County Democratic Party

March 23, 2017
Monthly Meeting


Open Meeting: Glenn Melancon

Minutes: The minutes were approved as read.

Present: Debby West, Tristan Cook, Cheryl Roach, Stephen Charron, Kelsi Stephens, Vito Colopietra, Terri Rodeffer, Barbara Speer, Lindy Olsen, Dan Ducul, Sylvia Mitchell, Andra Petrean, Marion Morgan, Debra Doty, Susan Khammash, Judy Lear, Pamela McGraw, JoeAnn Epperly, Fred Meyer, Susan Meyer, Debbie Burns, James Ron, Jan Fletcher, Andrew Lefebvre, Marilyn Livingston, Jolene Whitten, Ron Briggs, Jeanne Briggs, Mary Middleton, Terry Templeton, Mark Ewig

New Business:

Glenn kicked off the meeting as the new Grayson County Chairperson.  He thanked Lander for his great leadership and years of service.

New Precinct Chairs were recognized – Debbie Burns Precinct 7, Jan Fletcher Precinct 305, Amy Hoffman Shehan Precinct 101, Barbara Speer Precinct 409, and Pam McGraw Precinct 204.  Congratulations!!

The Grayson County Dem’s are committed to helping Andra Petrean’s campaign for School Board Place 7.

Andra spoke about the reason’s she is running.  She very much wants the Sherman Schools to provide an atmosphere where all teachers and students can succeed.

Need volunteers to write letters and make phone calls.   The action committee will organize events for Andra.  This is a winnable race, we need to get the vote out.


Terri Rodeffer was elected Secretary of the Grayson County Democratic Party replacing Debby West

Ron Briggs was elected the new treasurer of the Grayson County Democratic Party replacing Judy Baker

Ron also volunteered to be the treasurer of the new Pac.  This is a separate position with separate accounts and fundraising.

Treasure report

Raised 238 dollars meeting / 150 donation – 388 added to bank for March.

Committees Report

Common Concerns open meeting March 7th

Creating new gathering.  Starting point for people alienated or disengaged from both parties.  People who don’t identify as democrat.  Meet consistently / not extending meeting invites to democratic party meeting, give an open space for concerns.  Meeting 2xs a month.  25 attended 1st meeting / 20 the 2nd.  Need help reaching out to people who are not voters and are disengaged.   If you know some one contact Jeremy or Jean.

Dru / ACLU – petition to sign,  Islamic Masque in Denison support statement

Party support for this petition / agreed and accepted

Action Committee

Jan – Busy but not busy enough, meetings on Monday’s 6pm at Grandy’s

Planning meeting on 1st Saturday of each month.  Planning April events possibly with Indivisible group.

Communications committee joining action committee

Grayson County Democratic Pac

Work is underway to submit paperwork for the PAC.

Recruiting and fund raising done at the same time.  The goal of the PAC is to promote a democratic vision for our slate of candidates, focus on winning, and to assist in turning state offices blue in 2018.

Other Business

Need someone to manage the storage locker facilities, signs, and tents.

Terri has agreed to maintain membership records, as a part of that she will welcome new members and keep track of all members.

Barb is combining email lists with Debby, Terri will maintain

Grayson County Dems Endorsed Andra Petrean for school board

Grayson County Dems supports the Sherman School Bond race

Texoma Earth Day Festival, 4/22 We have a booth, announcement on web site.  Hours are 9am to 5pm at Sherman municipal grounds and we need volunteers to man booth.  Action committee will look for volunteers.

Dem women have Kaffee Klatch found on web site, dwgc-pac.com

Look at our website for other activities and outreach, graysondemocrats.org