2017 May Minutes

May 27, 2017
Monthly Meeting Minutes

Open Meeting: Glenn Melancon

Attendees: Janet Kamras, Jan Fletcher, Glenn Melancon, Lindy Olsen, Dan Pucul, Debbie Burns, Barbara Reynolds, Clyde Rynolds, Andrew Lefebvre, Jane Ann Eppery, Marilyn Templton, Caressa Bran, Maria Ettite, Mona Hook, Fred Meyer, Susan Meyer, Kelsi Stephens, Marion Morgan, Terry Templeton, Lander Bethel, Terri Rodeffer

Minutes: read and approved

Treasurers report: $1,315 balance in account.   341 donations – output for t-shirts up front, money will be paid back.

Outreach Committee: no report

Candidate Committee:  no report

Indivisible:  Lindy Olsen reported

Held three American Health Care Act protests at the courthouse in Sherman.

  • Fewer people badmouthing the group, heard honks and appreciate waves, health care is something this county is needed in this county / country
  • Started a secret Facebook group, indivisibletx-04 – let Lindy know if you want to be added to this group.
  • March for Truth June 3rd at courthouse at 10am, sign making at Grandy’s on Tuesday on the 30th 5:30pm
  • Looking for someone to speak on June 3rd, well versed on the constitution, historian, non-partisan

Old business

Many thanks to Andra for her excellent campaign

Barb organized a successful calling campaign for Andra – one of the most effective ways for voter outreach

AHCA – 32 million people will lose healthcare and preexisting conditions will be lost.  Cost rising for under 65 – 40, 50, 60 years old   We will be paying more than the current generation.

One of the goals of the Republicans is to eliminate the safety net.   They are actively sabotaging the ACA by making it harder to register for coverage.

Lander spoke about a conversation he had with John Ratcliff – On March 24 heading back from DC sat next to John Ratcliff on the plane.   Lander introduced himself and had a wide-ranging conversation.  He asked about health care, Ratcliff said some people think health care should be like retail. If you can’t afford it, you don’t purchase it.   This is very eye opening.

Basically, John Ratcliff says no to health care, equal rights, seniors who are hungry, veterans, family’s sending educating kids.   Complete opposite of our values

We need someone who says, yes to families, women, public schools, veterans, the people of district.  We need someone who says No to Donald Trump

Thank Lander for serving as our chair for quite some time

New Business

Summer Picnic – Great job by Jan pulling this together.  Everyone had a great time!!!

903 Brewers, food truck, Saturday June 10th, 5pm, Action committee meet at 4pm, details forthcoming, bring significant others.    Good way to meet and get to know each other.

Looking for volunteers for Action committee.

Organization changes

Volunteers for group see Jan.

Proposed town Hall – looking at Fannin Grayson Delta, still looking for venue, meet and greet, at 5:30, town hall at 6pm Thursday July 6th

Collin County town hall no date planned in August

Committee meetings –

Better communications, at least once a month send out upcoming events, minutes, agenda, etc.….

Gerrymandering protest in Garland for Cindy Burkett who has not had a single committee meeting on this subject.  – Laura Bass   has postcards from the protest and the event was great

Introduction Mona and Caressa Brown – original from California.

Politics need to be fun – Jack Kennedy.   One of the reasons we are having the social, get to know one another.

Trump represents the modern conservative movement.   They lie, they cheat, they destruct, etc.…   Their plans are to destroy the safety net, have oligarchs rule, basically to go back to the 19th century.

“Be a proud Democrat, don’t be afraid.” great advice from our chairperson Glenn.

Passionate discussions on school vouchers, pro and against by a number of our members.   I was listening and didn’t capture what was said.