2017 November Minutes

Grayson County Democratic Party
Nov. 30, 2017

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Welcome – Glenn

Approval of a joint primary – approved by precinct chairs

Contracted with election officials to run primary.   Costs come from state to pay for all election judges, ballots, etc…. – approved by precinct chairs

If you want to work the elections, go to the Grayson County web site and submit your name.  You don’t have to live in the area where you work.   If you’re on the ballot you can’t work the election.

Polling places will be universal again, you can vote anywhere in Grayson County

Financial Report –

End of month – $309 donations, Cash balance $1600, upcoming obligations – $1131 true balance of $648

What Happened on Nov. 7 2017
Barb went through all of the Grayson County Democrats activities, spoke about Indivisible.   Spoke of local and national politics.

Callers for Commie were recognized, we also did 4000 calls for the Grayson County Democratic Party.   These are great training for upcoming elections and allow us to clean up the rolls.

Great job Barb on the synopsis of 2017 accomplishments

We can now take donations on the web site.  You are going to want to try it out!!

Action – Jan Fletcher

3 orders of t-shirts since last spring,  sold 69 and have 11 left,  before she can place another offer.

Donations collected for Dining Car,

Looking to volunteer there monthly.

Need dems to march in the Sherman and Denison parade!   Signups passed around  12/2nd  lining up at 4:30-   location will be sent out later-   12/7 denison at 5pm

Grayson County needs to know there are lots of Dems in this county.   Need a great presence.  Where jeans, white or red shirt and your Grayson County Dem shirt.

Silvia Mitchell is allowing us to use her truck.  Denison parade- Cory Carlyle, a candidate for the Texas Court of Appeals is going to be here.   Our candidates will be in the parade.

Read the web site,  all info is there – http://graysondemocrats.org/

Holiday Celebration – 12/30 from 6-8pm   Cash bar,  pot luck supper,  bring your favorite dish to share

Action committee – need volunteers – see Jan’s notes

Candidate Recruitment

Indivisible met Wednesday 11/29 to talk about Gerrymandering

Common concerns meeting on Facebook.  12/5 round table discussion at Grandy’s

Festivals coming up next year –

Candidate forums – we need to be there.  We need to support our candidates.  Schedule not set yet.   Look in news paper, television, and our facebook page.   Share candidate pages, and facebook page.


Commie introduced our newest candidate.

Thanks volunteers, supporters, etc…    It’s non partisan   Great turnout for Sherman District 2.   If it was a district vote she would have won the election

Latest candidate – Karen Hughes Spencer   quiet, intelligent,  someone to be reckoned with.   County clerk –

Nellie Hughes, mother, was on city council for 9 years  Instilled in them to vote in every election.  Change comes by voting.

Changes to how elections were,  to have a good protected vote.   Help with filing fee.

Monday Dec 11th,  Glenn will be available to accept applications

Candidates at meeting

Valerie – Sylvia and spoke

Valerie Hefner –

62 state representative – working families, native Texas, proud mother bear.  Texas families are not all able to fit into one mold   Will protect the integrity of your family.  Family decisions will stay within your family.   Health care protection.  Families thrive in a community where education and safety is provided.  Fully funding schools, schools and communities are safe.   Texas are not easily defined we are determined to be unique.

Silvia Mitchell  – is running for justice for the peace prescient 2 – traffic tickets, animal cruelty, truancy, small claims, and marriages.   Not affiliated with school board, teachers, principals,  need to find out why a child in not in school.   She is tactful, diplomatic,  three children that live in this area..

First time members

Deanna Stepson,  been in Denison 18 years,  8 years cancer survivor

Keith Heartline – Denison,  Texas dept. human services, 30 years  6 years on Anna school board.  One child

Barbara Heartline – lives in Denison with Keith.   Retired CPA,  had firm in McKinney.   Work part-time

Pam Slavin – lives in Van Alstyne in Texas from 1994.  Have 2 kids, work in McKinney.   Active in the Collin County.  Loves block walking,

Neil Spencer,  Karen’s husband for 35 years.   Retired UPS,  owned spiffy spot auto detailing in Denison   supporting small businesses is important

Big tax scam working through congress right now.   Complete travesty,  no vote tonight.  Looking for a few honest men and women to block it.   Best case scenario,  will only add 1.5 trillion dollars to the deficit.   Moderate and Liberals are the only ones to shrink the deficit.

Rubio,  came out and admitted the social net would have to be cut to pay for the tax cuts.  This will hurt real americans in the pocket book.

Going out after the middle class in America

Bob Slagle is having heart surgery 12/6