2018 February Minutes

Grayson County Democratic Party

Feb. 22, 2018

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Welcome – Glenn

Previous minutes approved

Reviewed budget

Balance of $6000

Outstanding $5000 Challenge Check

Will need an office from August – October cost $900 – $1000

Jan – Action Committee

Meeting 2nd Wednesday of month 6pm at Grandy’s

Candidates need volunteers

Habitat for Humanities – looking for volunteers, tentative 3/31

Marches –

Women United 3/14

March for your Life 3/24 at 10am on the square

Fundraising / social event in April – goal to bring in general public not just Democrats

County Convention 3/24 at courthouse.  Doors open at 8:45,  please preregister.  Try to be completed by 11am so we can join the March for your Life.

Democratic Women – Koffee Klatsch 2nd Saturday of each month, 8:30 – 10:30, come and go visits with Grayson County Democratic Women

  • Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner in October



Kevin Lopez – Texas Senate District 30

Work / Experience

City Council Bridgeport, Fire Fighter, Lineman in Fort Worth, Oil Fields

Wants to bring resources to the community for infrastructure, do more for education, no private  school vouchers, protect teacher’s retirement, economic development

Valerie Hefner – Running for Texas State House district 62

Diverse district, Bathroom bill embarrassment, property taxes too high, pathway to citizenship, clean dream act, longtime supporter of gun safety

Obie Greenleaf – City Council of Denison

Half his life was spent in public service – Army, State Controllers Office, Denison City Council, NAACP Award – Living Legend

Proud of this area, wants to keep people informed

Pam McGraw – District Attorney

Proud Democrat, Change the culture at the Grayson County DA’s office from a win at all cost to one of justice for victims

Will focus on building a stronger/healthier community

Treating drug crimes as a public health issue

Clear focus on criminal activity

Will promote diversity in the office

Bring police and community together

Terry Templeton – Grayson County Commissioner Precinct 4

Focused on infrastructure plans to keep ahead of the growth of the area.  Passionate about green and sustainable development.

Karen Spencer – County Clerk

Administrative Job – controls records, marriage and court

In charge of elections – fair and open process, machines in good working order, no fraud, paper ballots.  Also wants to eliminate obstructions to voting.

Sylvia Mitchell – Justice of the Peace, prescient 2

First introduction to the justice system for many people, it’s the people’s court, handles traffic tickets, truancy, family issues.  She wants to lift people up, prevent problems from escalating.

Introduction of new members