2018 January Agenda

Grayson County Democratic Party
Jan. 25, 2018

Welcome – Glenn

Need for volunteers for Monday night telephone outreach to seniors – Applications were mailed to many seniors in Grayson County and we are calling them to encourage them to fill it out and mail it to the Grayson County Elections Clerk as soon as possible.

Get Out the Vote – Barb Rush will organize a coordinated Get Out The Vote effort for the Democratic Primary. All precinct chairs and interested volunteers will be asked to participate. Barb will set up a virtual call bank identifying Democratic primary voters and likely Democrats (DNC score above 80%). Calling can be done in group meetings, or at home from your computer. We need Democrats to know that we have a slate of candidates for them to support, and that Lander Bethel and Catherine Krantz are primary contestants running for U.S. House of Representatives, District 4. At this point in time, it seems that many Grayson County Democrats are unaware of this, and need to be informed before the March 6 primary so they don’t make the mistake of voting in the Republican primary or not voting at all. Early voting starts Tuesday, Feb 20, but only at 5 locations. 23 locations are open on March 6. Details on voting locations and times are available at our website, http://graysondemocrats.org/

Action Committee – Action Committee “Thank You” for volunteers for recent events (Dining Car Donation, Parades, New Year’s Social, MLK Parade & Women’s March).

 Local Candidates –

 Place 1 on Sherman School Board (currently Justin Dobbs) (you can live anywhere in district to run in this position)

Place 2 on Sherman School Board (currently Brad Morgan) (you can live anywhere in district to run in this position)

Ward 3 on Denison School Board (currently Bob Rhoden) (You must live in Ward 3 to run for this position)

Ward 6 on Denison School Board (currently Ken Altnerher) (You must live in Ward 6 to run for this position)

Mayor for City of Denison (currently Jared Johnson who can’t run)  (you can live anywhere in the city to run for this position)

Place 1 on Denison City Council (currently Teresa Adams) (You must live in this district to run for this position)

Place 2 on Denison City Council (currently Bill Malvern) (You must live in this district to run for this position).

Place 6 on Denison City Council (currently Janet Gott who is resigning to run for Mayor) (You can live anywhere in the City to run for this at large position)

Grayson County District Attorney – Pam McGraw, who is running to replace Joe Brown.

Let’s congratulate and celebrate our great candidates!!