3 thoughts on “Why Young People are Feeling the Bern

  1. I am not what you would call a young person but I fully support Bernie Sanders. I have been volunteering for his campaign and truly believe he is our only hope to beat out the GOP in the general election. I have always been a Democrat but the party has moved too far right for me. I am Progressive and if forced to leave the Democrats I sadly will go. People are fed up with the so called establishment and are sick of hearing talk, we want action! Democrats are way too nice and give up, we need to reach for it all and not be worried we are asking for “pie in the sky”. It is time we vote for someone who has fought for the middle class all along. It is time we all feel the Bern!

    1. Hi Lisa, I am a progressive Democrat proudly supporting Hillary Clinton for President. She will lead this country toward fully supporting Social Security (which Republicans want to destroy by giving control of it to Wall St. insurance companies), Medicare (same plan by Repubs), higher minimum wages, lower college expense, human rights for all citizens, better roads and public schools. Just to name a few. She will be an excellent president! Please vote for her if she is nominated, and i will promise to vote for Sanders if he is nominated.

  2. Love and will support Bernie. However, at this point my head is with Hillary. She is the most prepared candidate & would be a great president.

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