Action Meeting Minutes, Feb 4, 2017

2:02 Pm Lander Welcome

Review of last meeting

  • Committees were discussed to be formed: Organizational, action, recruiting candidates and publicity
  • April 15 was discussed to maybe form a march at or around the courthouse
  • A town hall meeting was discussed. Ratcliff does not have any town hall meetings set up soon but does have conference calls…no date for those are known

It was discussed that voicemailboxes across the country are full

Jan suggests setting topics, (Various chatter)

Potential action committee is suggested to go to local office 2X a week and discuss whatever is on the agenda that week.

Cornyn beginning to weigh possibility of going against Trump

Talkings of Cornyn rebelling against the Wall

Cornyn’s office has been more responsible with answering phone calls

Ted Cruz is up for election in 2018

Sylvia-Call capitol hit zereo to get through to any senator…write 4 letters a day

Cathy-asks what kind of funds for flipchart or whiteboard to keep committee organized

Judy Baker-treasurer asks if anyone would like to volunteer to be treasurer…discussion of dues vs donations within the group begins. Says  at  end of 2016 group has 863.43. Main expenditure is for election season: yard signs, primary, etc. Says Grayson County needs a candidate

Lander-membership dues for this group are voluntary. States we have been acting responsibly with expenditures but want to do more

Julie Edgecomb- asks for clarification on dues, Glenn- to answer question on dues, explains the orgins of the dues; statewide and local, Various back and forth concerning dues, Sylvia-suggests to put a disclaimer on email list to ask for donation, Cathy-flip chart will be bought for  next time, More chatter on donations, Andrew-proposes we stay on topic and shift conversation to focus of the day

Tony-suggests a whiteboard

Jeremy-suggest we focus on 3 committees: recruiting, keeping track of congress (actions), and focus on outreach to non-voters

Triston-agrees with getting non voters, has an ad almost done to be put through to local or social media

Lisa- Agrees with Jeremy

Andrew-says we should break off into groups:recruiting, communication

Lander says groups: recruitment, candidates, monitoring congress, and actions

Tony-suggests a ‘working backwards’ organizational style

Peggy-agrees with Jeremy

Jeremy-suggests breaking up into groups

Tristan-suggests working with high schools on career day

2:50 PM Committees are named: Communication, Action, Outreach, Recruitment

  • Small groups formed throughout the room to discuss

3:30 PM Reconvene

  • Communication-Terri Rodeffer 1st meeting next Tuesday, looking into the group Indivisible and to partner with Dallas city and Texas Democrat Part y
  • Action- Mark Combine with DFW, and focus on postcards, phone calls, and protesting. Rachel Giordano explained “The Huddle” and will co facilitate that with Sherrie
  • Candidate Recruitment- Anne said her team will find ways to support candidates
  • Outreach- Jeremy said they are going to experiment with weekly fellowships to try and get in non voters
  • Demographics/Development- Ron This group formed to look at past voting history and action that can take place in order to get voter registration and voting stats up.

Reports  on all committees activities will be given on the 4th Thursday of this month at regular meeting.

3:56 Landry called to close