Carol Shea for Grayson County Commissioner Precinct #3

Carol Shea 

Former Grayson County Commissioner Carol Shea has decided she wants back on the county’s Commissioner’s Court. Shea filed for a spot in the March primary to run for Commissioner Precinct 3. That spot is currently held by one of her former employees, Jackie Crisp.

She said, “After consulting with my friends, family and former constituents, including Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, I have decided to announce my candidacy.”

“I ask everyone in Precinct 3 for their support, regardless of political affiliation,” she said. “Local government officials do not make decisions on party line basis, decisions on the repair or paying of county roads and bridges do not depend on whether the people that use them are Republican or Democrat, they are based on safety and need. The same thing goes with overseeing the county budget, including the jail issues, inmate work programs, and the retention and compensation of our hard working county employees. After all, the County is one of the largest employers in the area.”

Shea said she has plenty of experience with large budgets, including the county’s budget which she helped compile for 12 years. In addition, Shea said, “I have years of experience dealing with budgets to stretch every dollar possible without the need to raise taxes. In that regard, I have been involved in overseeing the budgets, along with other officials, of the Sherman School Board of Trustees (six years), the Grayson County College Board of Trustees (10 years), … Texas Board of United Way, Grayson County United Way, the Salvation Army, Sherman Service League, League of Women Voters, House of Hope, and numerous other board and activities. I am a former Rotarian and Paul Harris recipient and a long time member of St. Mary’s/St. Anne’s Catholic Church.”

Shea said Grayson County has been very kind to her and her family, including her late husband, Dr. Tom Shea. “We have all tried to repay this kindness in different ways. I have two children who left Dallas to practice law here and a daughter-in-law, Sheila VanSant Shea, doing the same.”

If elected, Shea said, her goals will be to thoroughly review and plan for the inevitable growth the county will experience in the near future, improve county roads and bridges, and establish a road and bridge advisory board with at least one representative from each city in the precinct.

Shea said with regard to the road and bridge advisory board, ” I would seek the input of each respective mayor and superintendent to select a volunteer for the board and all meetings would be open to all citizens for their input. The best decisions are made when all of the people have an opportunity to be involved.”

Shea said she pledges to be fair and impartial in all of her acts and decisions.

“You, the citizens, deserve no less,” she said. “I look forward, hopefully, to working for all of the people, equally to make western Grayson County the best place to live.”