Does Grayson County need paper ballots?

YES! And we’re well on our way to getting them.  

Grayson County citizens attended an ES&S demo of their new Express Vote election machine on Jan 31, and the Hart Systems version on Feb 6. You mark your choices on a screen similar to what we’ve been using, and then a paper ballot is printed with your choices. You verify your choices and insert the ballot into a scanner for tabulation. Paper ballots will be available for audits and re-counts for 24 months. Hart Systems also still has the archaic, unverifiable, and uncountable DREs with no paper trail available for purchase. Contact, member of the elections committee, and to let him know you favor a paper ballot option. The Elections Committee will make their recommendation to the County Commission very soon.

Here’s why Grayson County needs to order a new paper ballot system and require frequent audits. Watch this 22 minute report.

Example of optical scan ballots with ovals to fill in (for example, mail-in ballots):

Additional reading: article from Verified Voting

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