Examining disappointing election results

Nov 21, 2015.  We often fall prey to the opinions of Republicans like Wayne Thorburn, the author of a widely distributed article on why Democrats lost in Texas. Let’s not succumb to the tactics of divide and conquer. We need Battleground Texas. We need the Texas Democratic Party. We need everybody willing to join the fight. We share one goal: to elect Democrats because Democrats represent all people, not just corporate billionaires. Let’s concentrate on that by looking at what went right as well as what went wrong.

One thing we can be proud of is that our mail-in ballot campaign was a huge success. In 2010, the number of mail-in ballots for Grayson County was 711. In 2014, we had 1,927. Our donations to this project were well spent!

Another thing we can be proud of is voter registration. Grayson County had 1,423 more registered voters in 2014 from 2010. I attribute 90% of this increase to Jaden Slagle and our local Battleground Texas team.

Unfortunately, the Republican efforts to reduce voter turnout was an even bigger success.

  1. Grayson County went from 54 polling locations in 2010 to 36 in 2014, a 33% reduction. Voter turn-out was down by the same percentage.
  2. Voter ID was enforced, making some voters think “why bother?” and others simply ineligible due to no state issued picture ID.
  3. Negative attack ads started even before Wendy Davis announced her candidacy.
  4. Texas continues to use unverifiable electronic voting machines, making counts impossible, never mind recounts.

We support the group that worked so hard to make a difference in this state and, in doing so, laid the groundwork for the future. We will prevail. We Democrats are in a slow moving train, going up hill, but moving forward.

With great gratitude and respect for Battleground Texas, and all our active volunteers in the Wendy Davis campaign. We gave it our best!