From Indivisible

The GOP has mega donors. We have you. Invest in long-term, grassroots organizing and show the GOP that our movement is here to stay.

Each and every person taking action individually and collectively fuels our movement’s success. And every chance we get, we highlight you — the muscle behind the grassroots power that has Republicans across the country shaking in their boots.

Over the last 16 months, you’ve reshaped democracy. You’ve built mini-movements in communities in every corner of the country. You’ve stopped the majority of the GOP’s federal legislative agenda in its tracks, despite their complete control of the White House and Congress. Now, the GOP has their eyes on 2018.

We also say this a lot, but it’s because we know it’s true: Republicans are terrified of you. They see Indivisibles all over the country working to get more people to the polls, supporting progressive candidates up and down the ballot, and flipping districts from red to blue (or coming so so so close in places that shouldn’t be competitive), election night after election night. Just this week, Mitch McConnell threatened to cancel August recess — an obvious ploy to keep Democrats off the campaign trial and tamper grassroots excitement.

And that’s exactly why last week Sheldon Adelson, casino billionaire and major GOP donor, gave $30 million into the GOP-linked Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), a PAC dedicated to helping Republicans keep the House. His donation (three times larger than his $10 million gift in 2016) will go to propping up vulnerable House Republicans who voted for the Tax Scam (from which his company received a $670 million windfall in the first quarter of this year).

The CLF has built up 34 offices, they’ve recruited 4,000 student volunteers, and they’ve knocked on 10 million doors since Trump came into office. They’re emphasizing long-term engagement and movement building. And now the GOP has a blank check from a billionaire mega-donor to do that work.

$30 million is a loooooooot of money. And, yeah, it’s pretty scary. But a single $30 million donation doesn’t build a movement. We believe that progressive, sustained, collective action (and funding!) will help build the change we all want to see in 2018, 2019, 2020, and beyond. And committing to a monthly donation ensures that we’re accountable to you and only you: the leaders of this movement.

As we said last November: no organization has ever done what we’re attempting to do. When we launched our political program, Indivisible435, we did it with our movement in mind. Our end goal isn’t only flipping the House, retaining the Senate, or getting a few more Democratic governors in office (though these are great outcomes!). We also want to make sure Indivisibles everywhere can:

• Have access to the tools they need. Resources to demystify elections, voter registration, and endorsements. Tools Like Turbovote and VAN will help Indivisibles get voters in their communities to the polls in November.

• Elect leaders who reflect our movement’s values. By endorsing — and electing — candidates that are pro-choice, pro-immigrant, believe in healthcare for all, and so much more.

• Build lasting power in their communities. Expanding the electorate in order to disrupt gatekeeping, elevate new leaders, and change the existing power landscape. We’ll need that not just to win in November, but to hold our members of Congress accountable in 2019, and take back the White House in 2020.

So, to each and every one of you: keep doing what you’re doing. You’re having an impact. You’re making a difference. You 👏 are 👏 transforming 👏 democracy. And the GOP is doing whatever it can to stop you. And we’re so grateful to have you with us, arm in arm, through it all.

And, if you can, make a recurring donation today to fuel the resistance fighting the GOP’s hate money and taking power back district-by-district, state-by-state, and nationwide.

In solidarity,
The Indivisible Team
PS — Can’t make a monthly donation? Make a one-time donation of $37 or whatever you can here!