Grayson County Democrats oppose reducing polling locations

The Grayson County Democratic Party opposes reducing the number of polling locations in the county as proposed by the County Clerk’s office. Reducing the number of voting sites to 22 from the current 36 was put forth by Wilma Bush, the Grayson County Clerk at a meeting of the Election Advisory Committee. As presented, the plan would allow a Grayson County citizen to vote at any of the 22 proposed ‘voting centers’ on election day, many of which could entail more travel than the traditional precinct voting locations. The plan was unanimously rejected by the Grayson County Democratic Party general membership in their meeting on June 27.

“This plan is a bad idea,” said County Chair Lander Bethel. “We were told it will cost more than the current election procedure, with fewer places to vote, and could lead to a reduction in the number of voters”, Lander said. “People are accustomed to voting in their own town and precinct, and a change as massive as this one will lead to confusion and, we believe, reduce turnout at the polls which is not a desirable result.  It doesn’t make sense to raise the cost of holding an election to produce no benefit for the voters, and at the same time discourage voter turnout,” Bethel concluded.

As part of their vote, the membership called for much more study and greater citizen participation in the process before any changes are made. The membership did support the use of a universal voter list to allow any voter to cast a ballet at any polling place.

Also at the meeting, Barb Rush was elected as vice-chair, Debbie West Chapman was elected secretary and Judy Baker was elected to serve as treasurer.

The Grayson County Democrats meet the fourth Thursday of every month, 5:30pm at Grandy’s Restaurant on Texoma Parkway. The meeting is open to all residents and interested parties.

For further information, please contact Lander Bethel at 903-327-4684 or