Health Care talking points

FIX –  DON’T REPEAL  – The Affordable Care Act

The ACA, sometimes called Obamacare, eliminates lifetime and annual insurance coverage limits. Your health insurance can no longer be cancelled just because you got sick.

The Affordable Care Act lowers overall healthcare costs. It does this by providing insurance for millions of people and by making preventive care free. People receive treatment before they need expensive emergency room services.

HEALTHCARE is a HUMAN RIGHT. It cannot be left up to insurance companies alone. Insurance premium rates were going up at a much faster rate before the ACA slowed them down by reducing over-all cost.

Repealing the ACA will kill 43,000 people annually.

17 million children and people with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied health care because of the ACA.

Seniors have preventive health services, such as free gym membership, and Medicare prescriptions cost relief.

Repealing health coverage without immediately passing a replacement plan would eliminate insurance for 2.6 million Texans, including 17,445 in Dist. 4, represented by John Ratcliffe.

Turning Medicaid into a block grant means more painful cuts like the highly unpopular Texas therapy rate cuts for kids with disabilities. Turning Medicaid into a block grant means cutting health care and shifting the costs to states.

Open enrollment for ACA Marketplace hit a record pace this year. While there is a lot of uncertainty about the future of health care, ACA insurance will still be available at least through 2017. Enrollment has been brisk across the country and here in Texas, with 220,300 Texans signing up in November alone. The majority of Texans signing up for health coverage through the Marketplace receive premium assistance. States like Texas could accept more Medicaid money and patients.