A letter from Wendy Davis

The genius and beauty of our democracy is that, ultimately, the power rests with the people. Even when the results don’t go the way we want them to, we celebrate the fact that we live in a country in which the people get to decide their elected leaders, and tonight the people of Texas have spoken.

Just a few minutes ago, I called General Abbott to congratulate him on being elected Governor of this great state. And I wished him the very best because it is in every Texan’s interest that he have a productive four years as Governor.

Tonight, I know that you are disappointed. And being disappointed is okay. But being discouraged is not. Because what we have before us is an opportunity to remake this state and to prove to the world what we’ve always known: that this was never about Wendy Davis or Greg Abbott. This has always been and forever will be about you.

And what we’ve done here, in this state and in this campaign, is nothing short of extraordinary.

We were down by 23 points in January. We’d cut that in half by June, and we’ve been on the offensive ever since, championing education, fighting for sexual-assault survivors, pushing to raise the minimum wage, demanding greater awareness of the hazardous chemicals hidden in our communities, and rooting out the culture of corruption that has sold out and shortchanged hardworking Texans.

We won day by day because this wasn’t just a campaign to win the Governor’s seat. This was a fight to make sure that your future belongs to you. This was a fight to make sure that your voice is heard by your leaders, a fight to empower the forces of justice and equality to create opportunity and advancement for every single person in this state who’s courageous enough to believe in it and work for it and fight for it.

We won day by day because you showed up – tens of thousands of you – again and again to champion that cause, gathering in cities and towns across the state, gathering by the thousands at college campuses these last few months where students waited in lines that zigzagged through trees and courtyards, in rooms filled to capacity and overflowing as Texans chanted “Si se puede!”

I’m here today because you didn’t give up.

You’ve got to stay in the fight and know that the true test of justice and fairness and freedom lies somewhere within our hearts. And whether or not we succeed or fail will depend on the continuing strength of our beliefs, the force of our will, and the power of our voices.

My friends: Keep believing with me. Keep fighting with me. And in the end, we will win.

Thank you. God bless you. And God bless Texas.