Minutes Oct 2017

Grayson County Democratic Party
Oct. 26, 2017
Monthly Meeting Minutes

Grayson County Dem meetings:  We circulated petitions for ballot access for multiple candidate.   Need signatures to get on the ballot

October minutes approved

Treasure’s Report
Current Balance: $1045

Roger Sanders also will donate $5000 and Pam McGraw is matching donations up to $5000.

Multiple candidates attended the meeting to introduce themselves.

Action Committee Report
T-shirts are still available

Sign making party was great and there was good attendance for the March for Racial Justice.

There was great volunteer turnout for the Commie Linson block party

Common Concerns Report
Met 2x’s in Oct.  – A representatives from Child Advocacy Center and Salvation Army spoke at these meetings.

Festivals  Report
One more left, Whitewright – starts at 10am, need volunteers

Last two festivals at Denison and Whitesboro we signed up about 40 to receive our emails.   Registered between 6&10 at Denison and a handful at Whitesboro.

93 new democrats starting since Juneteenth – 28

Every festival charges a small fee, except Howe

Recruitment Committee Report
Pam McGraw – we’ve been recruiting for all elected positions and for Precinct chairs.  Precinct Chairs primary duty is to develop a community of democrats in their communities

Potential candidate for the Justice of Peace – Silvia Mitchell

Lives in Denison for 16 years, from California.

She’s a socially liberal, fiscally conservative up to a point.   Money spent wisely, infrastructure needs investment.

This is her duty as justice of peace, traffic tickets, animal cruelty, etc..

Envelopes on table for donations – donate in envelope and add name and occupation

Marvelous pens that have Grayson Dems and website, for sale

Still doing phone banking on Monday night, making calls for Commie, gone through 3000 phone calls / hallway done!

Cost for Democratic Party Vote by mail 2513 voters over 65 would cost us 1035 dollars to pay for vote by mail for GCDP.

Cory Carlyle – running for court appeals which sits in Dallas

Sits in Dallas covers 6 counties.

Live in Rockwall

All other candidates live in Dallas

13 justices on court all republicans,

3 judge panels – 5 Dems out of 8 running this time, running in districts that they don’t have fight large Republican funding

Just one justice can make a big different. Voice in room can bring up issues, and opinions that can influence other judges

Born and raised in Irving, graduated from University of Houston for Law School.  His practice is focused on appeals.   This is a job he wants and we need a voice in the court

Very important to vote in down ballot tickets, vote straight party ticket!

Catherine Krantz from Rains County

Only district in state of Texas that hasn’t have a candidate for congress, no one filed yet, unless someone else does, she’ll run.

If multiple people run, they will work it out with which race to run.

Lives in Emory TX.   Originally from Houston.  Lived for 15 years in Mexico.  Lived the last 3 years in Rural Texas, without representative.

No political experience, but has experience in logistics and community outreach.

Community builder, organizer, wants to bring conservative Republicans back to the middle

Valerie Hefner – Will provide more info after Novembers meeting

District 62 State rep,  running because someone needs to.

President of Democratic Women – Jackie Meloncen

Coffee Klatch – Nov. 11th, in morning 9 – 10:30    Wine pairing event $50 a person taking reservation.  DO the Elenore Roosevelt Event.

Fullbelli’s from 1:30 – 4pm   will also be a silent auction, – fun time to get together and enjoy the comradery.

List of amendments on Texas Dem party – vote no on prop 2,   see details on web page.   Graysondemocrats.org

Next meeting – 5th Thursday Nov. 30th