1 thought on “Nancy Pelosi on impeaching President Trump: ‘He’s just not worth it’

  1. Is there NEVER GOING TO be a WAY anything like HR 1 CAN HAVE A CHANCE???? OH, YES HE IS WORTH getting RID of at ANY COST!!! WE are already PERMANENTLY DIVIDED!!! I can not STAND SIX!!! MORE YEARS OF THIS PILE OF REP. Elephant Stuff!! CAN YOU,or ANYONE??? What Happened to the BLUE WAVE, ANYWAY???? Sure DID NOT WORK for ALL THE NUMBER of ANGRY PEOPLE,SUPPOSED TO BE OUT THERE!!! The Numbers DO NOT ADD UP!!! Unless something DRASTIC happens, we are in for a LONG NUCLEAR WINTER! Reality CHECK NEEDED. Oh yes, TRUMP’s FINGERPRINTS are ALL OVER ATTACKS ON JOE BIDEN!!! And the mess in VIRGINIA to discredit ALL the State Government Officials !!! CLOSING THE BORDER!! ALL 2,000 + MILES? DEFUNDING SPECIAL OLYMPICS ??? Striking out at USUAL targets, YOUNGEST and OLDEST!! EITHER WE DO SOMETHING!! or just QUIT!!!

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