Trump Tax March, April 15, 2017

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A note from Jan Fletcher
Thanks to the 40 – 50 folks not only from Grayson County, but also Allen to Argyle who came to march with us at the Grayson County Courthouse yesterday. Big THANKS to Laura Bass, our Chant Leader, Lindy Olsen of Indivisible Sherman, TX & Randi Tanglen of Women Unite– Sherman. A great big THANKS to the Grayson County Democratic Party Action Committee who keep showing up each week! And thank you to the friendly police officer whose curiosity got him to stop on the square to talk! He was really interested in why we were marching and that is why we are there! Last, but not least, I’m grateful to our local media…KTEN News, KXII News and the Herald Democrat! Our participation in Tax Day March illustrates the commitment of this passionate community. and we’ll see you next week for the March for Science!

Jan Fletcher, Entertainment Coordinator
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