A note from Lander Bethel, County Chair

Dear Democrats,

Thank you for your hard work leading up to this election.  You gave your heart and soul, your money and your time, sweating it out at festivals, knocking on doors, and making phone calls.  You met and talked with people.  You showed your support for our candidates and our party.  We had the excellent help of Jaden Slagle, from Battleground Texas, the dedication of our officers Barb Rush, Debby West, and Judy Baker, and your diligent efforts to change the way things are done in our great state of Texas.

We didn’t win this election.  But, through everything that you gave we began laying the groundwork for change that will come to Texas.  It’s a very big challenge to make sweeping changes in a mid-term election, especially when 2/3s of eligible voters don’t show up at the polls.  It’s important to remember we’re working on bigger change.  It’s important to remember to keep our eyes on the prize of the national election coming up in 2016, when there will be much more interest in all of the races as we cast our ballots for president, vice-president, every member of the House of Representatives, and many state-wide offices, including members of the Legislature.

Let’s keep moving ahead to put sensible, resourceful, and thoughtful Democrats in office in our local government, state-wide offices, and in our federal government.  We can bring good change to our state.  We can be a part of bringing progress, growth, and fairness to our state.  To do this we need to keep our party visible and let people know the good things we stand for.  We can do this as we work for a brighter, more promising future for Texas and for our country.

Thank you again for all of your hard work.

Lander Bethel
Grayson County Democratic Party Chair