Nothing in Republican arsenal but cheap shots

They’re firing nothing but blanks.

Benghazi? Not the first time a U.S. Embassy has been attacked. Not the last.

Email? There’s no there there. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used a private email system, just as previous Secretaries of State had done. Every government email was either To or From a government account. There are copies of every one of them.

And let’s get real. Sometimes it seems I delete more personal emails in a week than she did in her entire tenure.

At least this time they’re not criticising her hair like they did in 2008. Maybe Trump took the wind out of that one.

The right wing attacks on Democrats are nothing but blanks. Lets get back to the important issues of the day.

  • Avoiding nuclear war
  • Slowing down and then stopping global warming
  • Assuring that every American has affordable, available health care
  • Ending poverty
  • Providing quality education to everyone

…just to name a few.