Proof that what we’re doing matters

April 3, 2014.  The news this week is proof that what we’re all doing matters.

More than 7 million Americans signed up for health insurance on the
marketplace. That’s on top of the millions more who have been able to get
covered thanks to other parts of health care reform.

That’s lasting change.

Today, we want to make sure everyone who had a hand in making it happen gets
the recognition they deserve.

OFA is creating a permanent record of all the people who stood up and fought
for health care reform — whether that was a month ago, a year ago, or even a
generation ago.

Your name belongs in the permanent record — watch this powerful video on what this moment means, and add your name.

The success of this first
enrollment period is a huge step forward in the struggle to fix our health care
system. That’s a journey that didn’t start with this presidency, and it won’t
end here, either.

Since President Teddy Roosevelt first proposed the idea of making sure every
American could get health insurance, millions of Americans have been dedicated
to this cause. Along the way, we took huge steps forward, and several steps
back. I’m so proud that ours was the generation that finally got it done.

That’s why this victory is one worth celebrating, and remembering for years to

The permanent record, which we’re going to install at OFA headquarters in
Chicago, will remind us of what can happen when millions of Americans stand up

If you fought for this, you deserve to be recognized – watch the video, then make sure your name isadded:


Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action