Show me your faith


Forget the people who preach the hate. Remember the ones who teach the love.

I recently attended an event sponsored by the NAACP and the Ministerial Alliance and was subjected to a hate speech that I cannot in good conscience remain silent about. The speaker started off with an excellent talk about steps to success, by-passing an elevator, you understand.  Work your way up, don’t you know. It all made sense. Until he got to the end, when he suddenly turned into a hate monger about opposing marriage equality.  The transition between making sense and not making sense, between Christian values of respecting your fellow man, to the demonic value of hating them and condemning them, was outlandish, and highly disturbing. Do not cast the first stone. Love your neighbor as yourself. I am your neighbor.

2 thoughts on “Show me your faith

  1. I agree with you Andy White is disrespectful and what he said was way of base and out of order .And he needs to be addressed on that.I got a letter in the mail from a man that attend the banquet and he was furious about what Andy White had said

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