Negotiate a budget

With few legislative days until the budget deadline on September 30th, Republicans are growing louder and louder in their pledges to shut down the government to deny women access to comprehensive health care. Instead of joining Democrats at the table for bipartisan budget negotiations, Congress is spending this week advancing a new assault on women’s health. But the American people are loud and clear, too: they know our country can’t afford another misguided, unnecessary Government Shutdown.

It has been almost two years since House Republicans forced a 16 day government shutdown that cost our economy $24 billion and caused a loss of 120,000 American private sector jobs.

Instead of pushing a radical agenda, we should invest in America’s infrastructure. In California alone, almost 70 percent of roads are in mediocre or poor condition and close to 30 percent of California’s bridges are structurally deficient with the Highway Trust Fund set to expire at the end of October, a robust highway bill is necessary to keep America moving.

Congress needs to set aside the partisan games in order to advance policies that promote job creation, invest in America’s infrastructure, and continue to support health care for women.