From Washington, DC

January 2015.  The last time the Republicans held this many seats in the House, Ford’s Model A was replacing the Model T. There were only 16 Major League Baseball teams. And The Star-Spangled Banner had just been made our national anthem.

Our country has changed a lot since the 1930s. But you wouldn’t know it from reading Republicans’ policy agenda. They’re still demanding huge tax cuts for the wealthy, letting big banks run amok, and making things harder for working people.

We know “trickle-down” economic policies don’t work. That’s why we’ve rolled out our own priorities, and we need the resources to fight for them.

Our plan will put more money in the pockets of working people by requiring CEOs to tie their own bonuses to average worker pay. We’ll put blue-collar workers back on the job and create opportunities for tomorrow by investing in American infrastructure. And we’ll reform the tax code to encourage companies to bring jobs back home from overseas.

A return to the policies that brought us the Great Recession is a bad idea. A return to the policies that brought us the Great Depression would be even worse. Democrats have a plan for 2015, while Republicans are stuck in the 1930s.

We need your support.

Thanks for your help.

Nancy Pelosi