Blast from the Past

GCDP at 2018 Peanut Festival
GCDP at 2018 Peanut Festival
DWGC Wine Pairing 2017
Wine Pairing Hosted by Democratic Women of Grayson County
Denison Main St Festival, Saturday Oct 5, 2019
Jeanne and Ron Briggs, GCDP Presentation Organizers
People Have the Power
Climate Strike Sherman Texas
Climate Strike, Grayson County Courthouse, Sherman, Texas
View the photo album for the LBJ birthday party at 903 Brewers.
Aug 31, we celebrated LBJ’s birthday and everything about the Great Society – Medicare, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the 1965 Voting Rights Act; as well as his War on Poverty which included many social welfare programs to aid the poor. LBJ was successful in reducing unemployment and poverty; and bringing about economic growth. He is also hailed as a civil rights hero and for doing more for education than any other president.*
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We had the pleasure of meeting Mississippi Freedom Rider, Barbara Bowie, who stopped by our booth. Listen to her podcast here:
The Freedom Riders and Me
View Fabulous Grayson Pride Day Photos
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Austin College Volunteer Fair
Debby West registers Austin College students at the 2018 Volunteer & Internship Fair.
TDP Distributed Canvass Instructions for Officers, Pct Chairs and volunteers
Walk targets without cutting a VAN list
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