Grayson County election machines to produce verifiable paper ballot

They’ll be used the first time in Nov 2019. We must insist on manual vote counts for verification of these new machines. Especially in Nov. 2020.

Grayson County citizens attended an ES&S demo of their new Express Vote election machine in January, 2019. You mark your choices on a screen similar to what we’ve been using, and then a paper ballot is printed with your choices. You verify your choices and insert the ballot into a scanner for tabulation. Paper ballots will be available for audits and re-counts for 24 months. Watch this demo so you’ll know how it works.

Here’s why Grayson County is getting a new paper ballot system. We need to require frequent audits of manually counted paper ballots. Watch this 22 minute report.

Example of optical scan ballots with ovals to fill in (for example, mail-in ballots):

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