Democratic County Convention

Grayson County Democratic Convention

Grayson County Democratic Party Convention
Stay Home
March 21, 2020, 9:30 am
East Courtroom, Grayson County Courthouse
100 W Houston St, Sherman

In an abundance of caution, the Grayson Democratic Party Convention will only conduct minimally required business. Please indicate your desire to be a state delegate by using the pre-register form:  

The County Convention will not include any caucuses, vending, sponsors, speeches, trainings or presentations. Though state law requires that a “convention” be held on Saturday, March 21, and that it be open to the public, it is the Chair’s intent to conduct the meeting pro forma.

The Chair will submit a delegate list to the State Convention from those who pre-register online, those who register in person, and adding additional names for thirty days following the convention, for a total of around 35 delegates. In-person attendance is NOT REQUIRED to be a state delegate. 

Resolutions may be submitted online. At the County Convention, all resolutions will be forwarded to the State Convention for the TDP Temporary Resolutions Committee, who will give them due consideration.  Submit resolutions on March 21. Read the information at the top of the submission form for all the details.

Here is a list of resolutions already up for consideration.

• Expanding Medicare for All
• Ending Standardized Test
• Promoting Gun Safety
• Decriminalizing Marijuana
• Condemning Gerrymandering
• Modernizing the Social Safety net

Our hope is that the greater Democratic community will join us in promoting public health by not attending the convention in-person and instead, pre-registering as a delegate online and submitting resolutions through the online system.

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