Tell Larry Phillips we need his support to expand Medicaid!

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst recently declared that in his opinion expanding Medicaid is “off the table.” That is unacceptable.

Expanding Medicaid would help over 1 million Texans gain insurance, allow hospital districts and counties to experience new financial and social benefits, and bring billions of dollars into Texas communities. Texas researchers projected that expanding Medicaid would be an economic windfall for our state, bringing 6 billion dollars into Texas between 2014 and 2017.  This is enough money to pay for nearly 90,000 nurses or more than 33,200 family doctors, serving as a huge economic stimulus for our state.

Texans must come together to declare their support of Medicaid expansion—an opportunity to cover all of our state’s uninsured citizens who earn up to 138% of the federal poverty level.

Tell your Texas legislator right now that Texas and its residents need this solution and call on their public support to expand Medicaid today.

Sign this petition and tell your Texas legislator right now that Texas and its residents need Medicaid expansion! Call on their public support to expand Medicaid today.

In response to the 8,195 Texans who have already taken action, several elected officials have responded and publicly reaffirmed their support for expansion including: Sen. Carlos Uresti, Sen. Kirk Watson, Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, Rep. Donna Howard, Rep. Eric Johnson, Rep. Elliott Naishtat, Rep. Joe Pickett, and Rep. Justin Rodriquez. We know many more lawmakers support our position, and we are calling and working to confirm their support in the coming days. In the mean time, they need to hear your voice!

Even Texas Republicans are beginning to warm up to the idea of Medicaid expansion. Republican Texas Senator Jane Nelson, head of the Health and Human Services Committee, stated that federal Medicaid expansion was a possibility in Texas.

While Governor Rick Perry and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst fight Medicaid expansion as they pander to Tea Party activists – momentum and public opinion is on our side.

Take action right now. Tell your Texas legislator we need their public support to expand Medicaid!


Matt Glazer,
Progress Texas

This message was sent by Progress Texas from the system. Civic Action sponsors, but does not endorse specific campaigns or the contents of this message.

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