Watch the new Wendy Davis campaign ad

In the campaign’s new TV ad, Manuel, a cancer survivor from Fort Worth, details how Greg Abbott has once again used his office as Attorney General to side with insiders against hardworking Texans – even when they’re cancer patients.

Greg Abbott served on the oversight committee of the state’s cancer research center (CPRIT), which was supposed to fund groundbreaking cancer research and prevention programs in Texas.

Instead, Abbott was showered with lavish gifts and free vacations and then allowed his campaign contributors to take tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money without proper oversight -– funding intended for cancer research.

As a result, more than 30 scientists resigned from the cancer research fund, citing how the funds were being awarded not because of good science — but because they were pushed by politically connected individuals.

Whether it’s siding with a corporation against a rape victim on the Texas Supreme Court or siding with his donors against cancer patients as Attorney General, Greg Abbott proves time and again he’s just another insider who’s not working for us.

Watch ad here:

Watch Rachel Maddow’s report on Greg Abbott’s ruling to keep dangerous chemicals secret:


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