Civics 101 – How America Works

January 23, 2023 
Speaker TBD 

February 23, 2023 
Dr. Felix Harcourt of Austin College explores
Civil Rights in Grayson County

5:30—7:00 pm 
901 N. Grand Ave, Sherman
In the Fellowship Hall on E. College St.

All CIVICS 101 sessions will be nonpartisan to educate community on the issues we need to understand to vote responsibly.

CIVICS 101 – How America Works. This series will run the fourth Monday each month until further notice.

These nonpartisan events are to provide information on a variety of topics, such as immigration, education, regulation, women’s rights, how the branches of government function, gun safety, campaign reform, the differences of city, county, state and federal government.

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Jan Fletcher,
Civics 101: How America Works Administrator

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