Let Texas Vote – SAFELY

In the Coronavirus stimulus package, Congress authorized approximately $20 million in election assistance funds for Texas. Those funds are intended to be used “to increase the ability to vote by mail, expand early voting and online registration, and increase the safety of voting in-person by providing additional voting facilities and more poll-workers.”

Governor Abbott and state leaders should take immediate action to ensure all Texans will be able to register to vote and cast a ballot without fear for their health.

  • Expand the vote-by-mail program: The option to vote by mail should be available to any Texan who wishes to use it.
  • Extend early voting: Additional days of early voting will minimize lines and protect public health.
  • Safe polling places: Funding must be allocated towards ensuring every poll site in the state has all the space, disinfectants, and other resources it needs to meet public health guidelines.
  • Let Texans register to vote online: The majority of voter registrations in Texas involved some kind of person-to-person contact. That is simply not safe right now – we need to allow Texans to register to vote online.

Let’s make sure our state leaders act quickly to use these funds for their intended purposes – and don’t delay or try to divert the funds for other purposes.

Sign this petition to Gov. Abbott demanding immediate action.

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